Donera pengar till kampen/Donate money to the struggle

Det finns numera ett bank-konto och allt ekonomiskt stöd vi kan få uppskattas. Vi behöver inte så värst mycket, men pengar till bland annat transport, enklare logistik-grejer och eventuella böter är alltid bra att ha. Just nu kommer de mesta av pengarna gå till kampen i Gallok och träffen som anordnas där 13-22 augusti.

Swisha valfritt belopp till 1234329090 och skriv “gallok”.

Eller för över pengar till bankkonto: 8420-2, 734 225 823-8 (skriv “gallok”)


There is now a bank-account and we would appreciate all the economical support we can get. We don´t need so much stuff, but money for example transportation, simple logistic stuff and eventual fines is always good to have. Right now most of the money will go to the struggle in Gallok and the gathering/skill share that is arranged there 13-22 august.

Swish: 1234329090 (write “gallok”)

Bank account: 8420-2, 734 225 823-8 (write “gallok)


IBAN: SE07 8000 0842 0273 4225 8238


Account owner: BOKKAFÉ ANGBETT

Träff och skillshare i Gállok 13-22 augusti/Gathering and skillshare in Gállok 13-22 august 

Nu bjuder vi in till en träff och ett skillshare i Gállok, nära Jokkmokk i Sápmi

Kampen mot gruvprojektet i Gállok har pågått i många år nu. 2013 fanns ett protestläger med folk som försökte stoppa provborrningarna och malmsprängningarna. De lyckades aldrig stoppa gruvbolaget, men de försenade dem och fick folk att organisera sig.

Just nu är det upp till regeringen att fatta ett beslut ifall det blir ett ja eller ett nej gällande gruvan. Men vi kommer inte vänta på deras beslut. Vi har redan tagit vårt – Inga gruvor i Gállok! Inte nu, inte någonsin.

Denna kamp är nära sammankopplad med Samernas kamp. I 400 år har de så kallat svenska, norska, finländska och ryska staterna koloniserat Sápmi. Med kulturmord som vapen försökte de utplåna den Samiska själen och det Samiska folket. De lyckades aldrig.

Så i mitten på augusti samlas vi i norr. Huvudfokuset på träffen kommer vara att koppla ihop de olika kamperna i Sápmi. Så vi står enade mot exploateringen och förgiftandet av våra vatten, berg, skogar och vår luft. Mot gruvor, vind- och vattenkraftverk, industrier, kalhyggen, kärnkraftverk, pipelines och så vidare. Låt oss samlas och dela våra färdigheter och erfarenheter. Hur kan vi stödja varandra? Hur kan vi skapa en sund och långsiktig motståndskultur?

Om du vill bidra med en workshop, ett samtal, en diskussion eller vad som helst kontakta oss så vi kan göra plats för det i schemat.

Du kan läsa mer här eller på
Kontakta oss på kolonierna at riseup punkt net.

No mine in Gállok!


Call for a gathering and skillshare in Gállok, near Jokkmokk in Sápmi (so called sweden).

The struggle against a mining project in Gállok have been going on for many years now. In 2013 there was a protest camp where people were trying to stop the drilling and blowing up of the ground. They never managed to completely stop the mining company, but they managed to delay them and get people organised.

Right now it’s up to the so called swedish government to decide if someone will be allowed to start the mine or not. But we will not wait for their decision. We have already made ours – No mine in Gállok! Not now, not ever.

This struggle is closely connected to the struggle of the Sami people, the indigenous people of Sápmi. For 400 years, the so called swedish, norwegian, finnish and russian states have colonised Sápmi. With the use of cultural genocide they tried to wipe out the Sami people. They never succeded.

So in mid august we meet in the north. The main focus of this gathering will be to connect the different struggles in Sapmi. So we can stand united against the exploitation and contamination of our water, mountains, air and forests. Against mines, windmills, dams, industries, clearcuts, nuclear power plants, pipelines and so on. Let’s come together and share our skills and experiences. How can we support each other? How can we create a good and persistent culture of resistance?

If you want to contribute with a workshop, a talk, a discussion or whatever, contact us so that we can put it in the schedule.

You can read more here or on
Contact us at kolonierna at riseup dot net

No mine in Gállok!

Unesco finally answers

Unesco has published an letter to the Swedish authorities regarding the

”State of conservation of the World Heritage property ‘Laponian Area’”. Attached to it is a technical report assessing the impacts of the planned mining and ”development project”. (State of conservation of the World Heritage property ‘Laponian Area’)

The technical report published by Unesco assesses the impact of the proposed mining project to be ”at a minumum moderate adverse and hence the potential significance of effect or overall impact could be considered to be Large/very Large”. Yet the open letter remains reluctant to make any clear statements as to the project being inherently incompatible with the future existence of the World Heritage Site in its current supposedly protected state.

The choice of words – the World Heritage ’property’ – obviously mirrors the ideological bias of the publishing institution that conceives of the world as a collection of pieces of property. Their concern is to maintain the designated area as a piece of property that continues to display traits of cultural ”authenticity” and ”outstanding universal value”. As we know, this value can always be trumped by financial value when political authorities so decide. Until recently, the bourgeois notion of property was alien to Sápmi – they saw themselves as belonging to the land rather than the land belonging to a person let alone a company – and the land use was defined by usufruct (not ownership, but use) rather than the profit-making logic that is now step by step making their way of life impossible as forestry, mining, damming and other industrial-infrastructural projects aimed at extracting profit for foreign investors engulf ever further on the once plentiful land that supported their economy.

In the letter Unesco expresses its wish that all relevant documentation from the Sami Parliament (Sametinget) be submitted to their World Heritage Center. However, it fails to mention the quintessential documentation from the Sami Parliament that pretty much sums up the central issue at stake here. Already in 2013, when the first round of test drilling was done at Gállok, the Sametinget announced that they opposed all further exploitation of Sápmi as long as the Swedish state refused to recognize and ratify the principle of ”Free prior and informed consent” (, as mentioned in the United Nations’ own tenth Article of their Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Swedish state’s refusal to ratify even this basic UN declaration is a testament to its shameless neocolonial intent with the region of Sápmi and its Sámi population. It will continue to try to instrumentalize the Sametinget as a democratic veil covering the past and present colonial legacy; it will continue to usurp souvereignty over matters of political-economic importance.

The vague and indecisive formulations of Unesco’s letter basically amount to a recommendation for further impact assesments:

”IUCN and ICOMOS conclude that it appears necessary and appropriate for the State Party to consider seeking a revised and extended In-Depth Impact Assessment which provides a more secure basis for assessing the impact of the proposed development on the World Heritage property and which is also carried out in line with the principles of the IUCN World Heritage Advice Note on Environmental Assessment and based on updated information, prior to any decision being taken to approve mining exploitation.”

In response to the Unesco publication, which is likely to at least temporarily impose further bureaucratic obstacles onto Beowulf’s progress in Gállok, shares have been dropping by 16% in just a few days. Increased pressure can help to bring them further down, expose the Swedish state’s colonial policy and assist Sámi people in their opposition to neocolonial and neoliberal land grabbing and ecological destruction.